International charistmatic  Canadian Songstress is touring  in Asia . She sold more than 25,000 albums since 2009. Charting on itunes : best 200 jazz albums in more than 25 countries.

« The first time you hear Bisson’s crystal clear voice, you’ll likely get shivers. »
Bob Bantz, Elusive Disc.

« Jazz and poetry beautifully woven together. »
Christopher Rodriguez, journal de Montréal.

« Bisson has an innate sense of composition. Her writing is resolute in its view of human passions and her singing gives voice to those passions with tasteful delicacy. »
Jerry D’Sousa, All About Jazz.

Bisson’s voice is fascinating, kind of half-way toward a jazz Björk but with a lyricism that sets her aside from the Central Casting chanteuse.

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