Tales from The Treetops Master Quality Reel to Reel Tape Hand Numbered Limited Edition

USD $499.00



1st Generation Reel to Reel Tape made from High Definition  original audio source

through Mastering grade Digital to Analogue converters by Le Lab Mastering, Montreal.

Limited Production Run!
• Repros of Original Cover Art Included
Made at 15 ips and EQ are NAB

Recorded on a Studer A812 MK2
• 1   Gold  Metal  Reel, 1/4 inch High Quality Tape, 10 1/2″ reel
• 1kHz alignment tone

Certificate of authenticity included, signed  and numbered by the engineer of le LAB Mastering.

Made in Canada

Pianist and vocalist Anne Bisson is joined by drummer Paul Brochu, bassist Frederic Alarie, and cellist Vincent Belanger for “Tales From the Treetops”, her follow-up to “Blue Mind”. All but one of the songs are performed in English. Anne also performs a duet with special guest international soprano Suzie LeBlanc.

“I feel Tales ‘From The Treetops’ is the true follow-up to ‘Blue Mind’ …a collection of people and their tales we’ve already met in that first album. The themes behind ‘Little Black Lake’ are still very much present and the characters move around a natural, savage landscape. We will discover still more about the magnificent ‘Lady of the Black Lake’, as we follow her journey from childhood (I Live in a Treehouse) to her final days (Winter’s Coming). These are songs of emotion, passion, love and mourning…” – Anne Bisson