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As part of their 25th Anniversary celebrations, XLO has released a brand new album: ‘Bélanger et Bisson—Conversations’. Featuring internationally renowned singer and pianist Anne Bisson and cellist Vincent Bélanger, these two artists have pooled their talents to produce a unique album combining jazz and classical stylings, with a touch of the Far East, for an unforgettable listening experience. As playful as it is bold, ‘Conversations’ will quickly become one of your favorite albums.

The multi-talented pianist and vocalist Anne Bisson and cellist Vincent Belanger collaborate for an album of musical “Conversations”.

The album includes music composed by Belanger and Bisson along with Sylvie Massicote, Pierre Lenoir, David Chesky, Vincent’s uncle Marc Belanger, and Fung Sou. The variety of composers brings a variety of styles to the table including Chinese music (sung in Mandarin), jazz, Latin rhythms, Bossa Nova, and songs of relationships and lost loves

Review from Hi-Fi News for the 180g Vinyl Release:
“Anne Bisson has emerged as the darling of audiophiles by dint of two assets: she sings like an angel and she attends shows all over the world, to support high-end manufacturers and meet music-lovers in person… Here, with cellist Vincent Belanger, she has produced an LP of original material (including a composition from David Chesky) that blends jazz with classical and pop… Sung in French, Chinese and English, the material is simply gorgeous, with sound quality worthy of the performance – as well as the continued allegiance of her fans. Divine.”
– Ken Kessler, Hi-FiNews, May 2017, Album Choice, Sound Quality 90%


VOICE, CELLO AND PIANO: Anne Bisson and Vincent Bélanger have caught the wind in their sails.

Marie-Claude Simard  ICI MUSIQUE Radio-Canada

A very intense love of music emerges from a new album by singer and pianist Anne Bisson and cellist Vincent Bélanger who, with undeniable joy, profoundly explore their instruments’ power of expression in recordings that combine shades of jazz, pop, and the classical.

With Bélanger & Bisson – Conversations, Anne and Vincent converse with emotion and subtlety, transporting the listener to worlds that are at times dreamlike and at others very down to earth. Here they give us ten recordings, of which six are instrumentals, breathlessly going from one style to the next without missing a beat.

The artists themselves composed the original music for seven of these pieces and Anne Bisson sings songs in three languages: French, English and Mandarin. Yes, all three!

The Art of Listening

Masters in the art of conversation, these two musicians also know how to listen. Gladly letting the other take center stage, they each, in turn, take off in soaring flights of virtuoso performances.

In Rupture notably, the cello breaks out in a passionate semi-improvised solo, while in  Fantasia for Morel Genesis, Anne Bisson’s lively piano takes over, pausing slightly to catch its breath with a pastoral interlude, before returning to its previous headlong rush.

The two virtuosi also invited Isabeau Corriveau on the harp and Jean-Bertrand Carbou and Jacques Roy on acoustic bass to perform on some of the tracks. In Rêverie Sentimentale, the harp’s dulcet tones intermingle with the piano’s delicate notes to create a celestial ambience in which the cello makes its presence known with its distinctive voice.

On the album, one will also hear Dédéthoven, a composition by André Gagnon which, by paying homage to the music of Beethoven, displays the two artists’ deep and undeniable devotion they hold for classical music.

This is Anne Bisson’s fourth album, Vincent Bélanger’s third.

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