“That sound real,” I thought as I approached the room shared by Oracle, Burmester, and Genesis. “It sounds just like Canadian singer Anne Bisson,” whom I had heard live at an SSI concert in Montreal a couple of years ago.

Stepping into the room, I was confronted by, yes, the real Anne Bisson, who was duetting with herself on one of the tracks from her Blue Mind LP on Fidelio.

It is a tribute to the system, which featured the new Genesis G5.3 speakers ($26,500/pair) — a development of the 5.2 that I reviewed in February 2006 — driven by a Burmester 909 Mk.5 power amplifier ($69,995), with the album played on an Oracle Delphi turntable, that I wasn’t at first able to discern which Anne Bisson was singing live and which was recorded.