SURPRISE! If singers who dream of becoming jazz divas seem to be all over the place these days, the same cannot be said for those writing and composing songs. Anne Bisson, a classical trained pianist and singer from Montreal has been moving in musical circles for ages (Although not being appreciated for her true talent) and she has just taken the plunge. After years of performing in various jazz bars, playing Cristal in Starmania and hosting television shows, she has finally achieved what she is best suited for: presenting us with a collection of intimate songs in English, awash in melodious tones. With her romantic playing at the keyboard, ably supported by Normand Guilbault at the bass and Paul Brochu on drums, “Blue Mind” not only gives us exceptional composition after the other, but a disc that is itself a masterpiece of musical production. Released on Québec’s Fidelio label and recorded at Guy St-Onge’s Référence Studios in St-Calixte, this recording of exceptional warmth has aspirations of winning over the serious audiophile. Therfore, it isn’t surprising to find that this album is also availaible as a vinyl LP.