Blue Mind

Those of you who have been paying particular attention to the goings on in the world of television for the past several years will certainly remember television showhost Anne Bisson.

Not only was she a personality of the small screen all the way back to “Coup de Foudre à Vazimolo”, but she has also been an active figure in the world of song.

In 1987, for example, she sang and performed in “Starmania: The Rock Opera”.

She also launched a few forays into the world of Jazz, all of wich have now led to this latest release. Trained singer and pianist, Anne Bisson has brought us a discerning blend of Folk and Jazz, with such diverse influences as Karen Young and Joan Baez thrown into the mix.

Without resorting to covering old standards, a tricky yet courageous undertaking, these eleven cuts tell the story of one life in a way that is very touching. Just listening to “Blue Mind”, “Camilio”, “Why is it so” and “Secret Survivor” is to come away convinced. Also on hand are two Montreal Jazz veterans, Paul Brochu on drums and Normand Guilbault at the double bass. Poetry and Jazz, beautifully woven together.