Over a weekend we visited the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Co, to hear what was the ultimate in the audiophile world. This is fundamentally a two-channel eventuality dominated by unusual receptive to advice systems as well as ardent followers. While a attendees have been ardent about their listening equipment, what they’re some-more spooky with is music. And that’s because it shouldn’t be a warn to confront a recording artist during a event.

Over in the Demo section for Oracle Audio (Turntables) and Induction Dynamics (Speakers), we found ourselves listening to the poetic voice of Anne Bisson, a Montreal-based vocalist who mixes customary jazz sadness with a soft-rock repertoire. Turning around in my seat, there was Ms. Bisson herself, signing CDs. What a undiluted eventuality to find out what a recording artist thinks of a audiophile village which embraces her.